Thursday, 30 May 2013

Secret garden - Girls party

If you are looking for inspiration for a summer birthday party, a secret garden theme is magical!
It helps if you have or can borrow a large garden that you can have different areas for play, eating etc

Start with handwritten invitations on vintage paper & attach an old key (to the gate of the secret garden!)

Decorate your garden with paper pom poms.

Add a petal walk way

Have a special dining table or picnic blankets hidden in a corner of the garden. A gazebo may be needed for unpredictable weather.

Serve hampers with home made lemonade served in jam jars, 
dainty  sandwiches, macaroons & mini cupcakes decorated with 
seed packets & vegetables.
Decorate dining area with jars of wild flowers, peonies & roses.

Create areas for creative play.

Entertain the children with a scavenger hunt or hide paper butterflies for them to find. Provide skipping ropes & hula hoops. Pinatas are also fantastic hung from a tree.

Gift bags could be plant pots with gardening tools & seeds or personalised butterfly wings.

The possibilities are endless depending on budget.

Photos courtesy of pinterest`

Anna x

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