Sunday, 12 May 2013

A new start

I thought I would share with you my sons recent 5th birthday party as my first blog post.
 He is an avid fan of Ben 10 but as we wanted to invite the whole reception class I wanted to make the theme more appealing to the girls. 

A "create your own alien theme" was chosen.


 : created simple invitations using finger paints & letter stamps that B could help with 
(we made a few a night for a week)

: cooked trays of lasagne & macaroni cheese for the kids & dip platters for the adults

: used shot glasses to provide individual mini salads
(example above)

 : constructed table decorations out of green water beads, submersible tea lights & jam jars

:designed a table consisting of black tablecloths, lime green tableware & black napkins with personalised paper napkin rings

:blew up light up balloons and drew on alien faces with a sharpie                                 
(see notes for a cheaper version)

:built space ships for party bags (see tutorial)

:was left with one ecstatic little boy

 As there were over 30 children plus parents I hired a specialist entertainment company,
 the party hosts were the REAL Ben 10 & Gwen
(well not really but don't tell B that..)
It left me time to enjoy the party (and a glass of wine).
All the children arrived in their "create their own alien" costume & enjoyed 1.5 hours entertainment, party food, alien cupcakes, finishing with an hour of dancing (running around!)to their favourite music.

Tutorial:- UFO party bags

Let kids decorate silver  plastic bowls with  washi tape. Before taping them together, fill with treats. Be sure to add the little commander of the ship. I topped it with a domed lid 

Notes:- Alien light up balloons

Light up balloons are expensive and I have since thought of a cheaper way to do this project. Buy alien balloons and pop a glow stick inside before you blow it up.

Hope you enjoyed reading xx

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