Saturday, 11 May 2013

Gift ideas

Over the last few years I have been looking for presents for my sons friends that are suitable for a small budget but don't end up in the bin after a week. I truly believe that a little time spent on a present means much more than picking the first thing you see at the right price.
(we have all done that!!!!!)
I always think that approximately £10 is a suitable amount to spend on a classmate for their birthday.

  • DIY camp kit - a few old sheets, pegs, clamps, torch, essential food rations & a box or trunk to pack it all in. These items are better second hand as they are going to get roughed up! Make a label explaining whats in the box with a few instructions.. not too many as this pressie is all about their imagination.
  • Butterfly / Stick insect kit - kits with a pre paid coupon to send off for the caterpillars or eggs so they can watch them grow. get the kit here or here
  • Make you own cookie / cupcake kit - grab a Kilner jar, add dry ingredients for cookies or cupcakes with instructions on what to add (liquid ingredients) & how to bake, then tie a wooden spoon to the lid. If you want to be really extravagant add some cupcake cases & some sugar craft or rice paper toppers. Don't forget to add an expiry date (usually 2 weeks without butter, 5 days with - recipe tomorrow!)
  • Origami book with paper_ maybe decorate wrapping with your child's origami. This book is tried and tested in our house.
  • Art basket - buy seperate but cheap art items to make an awesome box of fun. Think what your child likes when it comes to put this together. There are plenty of shops that offer craft items from 50p. Pop the items in a plain cardboard box & get your kids to decorate it.. much better than wrapping paper.
  • Seed box - provide everything for a child to grow their own flowers or food. Include seeds, compost, seed trays, plant markers & advice or instructions on how to grow.
  • Stamps - putting together a stamp kit takes a bit of looking around. Kits are unreasonably expensive but shop around for individual stamps & ink pads. (better to follow a theme!)It  is much cheaper & much more personal for the child. Craft shops have so many cheap themed stamps that it feels a shame to buy a kit with generic stamps. Think outside the box! Look at facial expressions that can be tied in with finger painting,(those ink pads have all sorts of uses..) as well as interest of the child.
  • Playdough - I am not talking about shop bought, but home made with different cutters & tools to suit the child. This is a great recipe for playdough.
  • Lego set - Not the packaged I am going to make a motorbike set. I am talking about a box of bricks from which anything can be made. Second hand is cool if it is super cleaned before giving (nobody wants dribble germs). Add a base plate and all sorts can be made.
Will add to this list in the future but now going to leave you with a picture of my last minute tent kit from bank holiday weekend. My boys ate their breakfast of pancakes & hot chocolate in the den!(instagram photo)

Anna x

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