Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Making yoghurt

When I was little my mum used to make the most amazing homemade yoghurt. I started making it myself about 18 months ago when I was going through a frugal phase. I use a yoghurt maker that I bought in a sale. You do not need one but I personally prefer it as the jars are a perfect size.

For the raw ingredients I use a whole or jersey milk & a live or bio yoghurt. 
My preferred brand is Longley farm but thats probably because I can see the dairy farm out of my kitchen window. 
Hows that for supporting local farmers!

Before starting make sure everything is scrupulously clean.
You will need 1 litre of milk & a small tub of active natural yoghurt.
Put the milk in a heavy bottomed pan & heat to 85°c. I use a jam thermometer. Let it cool to 43°c (you can stir the milk over an ice bath to speed this up) & whisk in the yoghurt. If milk is too hot when yoghurt is added it will kill the much needed cultures.
At this stage you can stir in 2 tbsp of milk powder if you prefer a thicker consistency.

I then pour the mixture into jars, put machine lid on & leave for at least 10 hours. I tend to leave mine between 12 & 14 hours. 
When ready pop the jar lids on & refrigerate for a couple of hours before eating.

If you haven't got a yoghurt maker here is an alternative method.

Heat oven to 200°c, then turn off. 
Fill jars with mixture, seal & let sit in a oven for 8 hours.
You will want to heat the oven to 200°c again after 4 hours & then turn off.

Do not disturb the yoghurt

After 8 hours, remove from oven & put in refrigerator until completely cool.

I usually start the process in the morning, put jars in fridge overnight & enjoy fresh home made yoghurt for breakfast.

I always make plain yoghurt & add flavourings before serving.

Our favourites are stewed strawberries, blueberries, honey & granola


Anna x

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