Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Quiet boxes

When I have jobs to do, the weathers bad or just have whiny kids, I bring out a quiet box I have made to entertain the boys. I keep them on a shelf in the garage, out of the way so they don't get used all the time!
I save shoe boxes & in each create an activity which is age appropriate & doesn't require to much parental assistance.

Each box needs to have everything required for the activity including paper, scissors, glue etc. 
Its an idea to pop in picture instructions for little ones.
I then label the boxes & put them away until needed. 
I pick up cheap craft items & stationary supplies from cheap high street stores. 
Budget around £2 to £3 per box. Much cheaper than a kids magazine!
We currently have boxes containing card making, origami, paper cutting, lego (with pictures of what to make) & finger painting with stamps.

Some activities are fun & some promote learning & dexterity.
The key is to make it obvious what they need to create or do in each box.
Enjoy your quiet time..

Anna x

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